We regularly lead free or low cost workshops for young people (ages 4 to 16) with a focus on storytelling through movement. These take place in community settings like youth clubs & summer schools, as well as at school within the curriculum (GCSE & A-Level). We design our workshops based on the themes and concepts from within our performance work so there is a meaningful correlation between what our participants experience and what they see at our shows. It’s important to us that these workshops are versatile and accessible for many groups of people with little experience of dance.

“Rejoining Jane” Workshops

Workshops accompanying the live Rejoining Jane performance and/or film have the theme Journeys and Adventure: Storytelling through voice and dance.
The aims of this workshop are as follows:

  • Introducing storytelling through dance and spoken word
  • Creating physical and creative responses to reading and written text
  • Introducing choreographic tools such as relationship to music, each other and the space to create performance

Participant Feedback

"In their wonderful storytelling/movement sessions Tick Tock Bridget managed to somehow engage children with a wide range of needs, never failing to create excitement, joy and laughter! Their sessions are always a highlight in our Chomp programme."

Vanessa O’Shea, CHOMP team leader

"He loved using his imagination to create the boat journey!"

Parent of 5 year old Workshop participant, Margate

"It was a great way to get to know others."

Avon Youth Club members, Bristol